Design - The discipline of progress

Technology is a central dimension within a culture. For technology to remain usable for people, it is designed for the diverse physical and psychological needs of people. This solution and user-oriented design is achieved by means of the precise analysis of people or groups. The basis here is the openness to new things and which leads to the aesthetics of future things. In order to understand people in their complexity, design bundles knowledge from all areas of life into a dynamic organic development process.

The integration of design in companies is increasingly perceived as a success factor. Products, services and business processes that are characterised by their positive User experience (UX) and high Usability achieve a high level of quality, effectiveness and efficiency. This leads to higher satisfaction and productivity among customers and employees. Quality guidelines for ensuring the ergonomics of interactive systems are now laid down in an ISO and in legal requirements for safety-critical systems.


  • Enormous growth potential by means of cross-sectional orientation and interdisciplinarity
  • Essential success factors and competitive advantages through design and UX
  • Agile working methods
  • Basis for innovative, information technology products and services
  • People-oriented and therefore sustainable products, systems and services

In order for products, systems and services to be usable for people, an intensive examination of the human and technological aspects is required. The interface between people and technology affects many different disciplines and therefore requires an interdisciplinary approach in order to achieve a good user experience and usability. Design is not only concerned with analysing problems, but also has a strong focus on finding solutions. This can be seen in the approach and the methods that enable perfect adaptation to changed circumstances. In this way, it is possible to react quickly and pragmatically to constantly changing situations in a highly complex environment.

Design services

  • Research and analysis of the latest technologies and developments
  • Creative generation of ideas and concepts
  • Development of a prototype
  • Testing and measurement of UX and usability
  • Cognitive psychological consultancy

Concepts and objects that are made for humans have complex characteristics. In the field of design, actors from theory and practice complement each other to form a multidisciplinary community which uses specific approaches, ways of thinking and methods to reduce the high level of complexity to become ideas that can be experienced and used. With its numerous service providers for industry, software development and social impact, the capital region is well positioned in this regard.

Networks and institutions in the field of design & usability

Numerous actors at the interface between business, science and culture make a decisive contribution to the transfer of knowledge. The design sector consists of more than 8,000 design companies with currently around 40,000 creative workers. Over 3,000 students at universities and technical colleges take advantage of the diverse design-oriented training opportunities. There is an excellent training and working environment, which adapts to the growing demand for qualified specialists.

In order to strengthen the progress of digitisation with a focus on people and the environment, the ICT, media and creative industries cluster bring together local, nationwide and international actors for the creation of collaborations and projects. The aim is to transfer ideas and technologies successfully into economic practice and to build a competent ecosystem. The exchange and diverse activities serve to ensure the long-term visibility of the actors and the expansion of the field of innovation.

In order to show the diverse facets of design and usability, a wide variety of formats for the transfer of knowledge and experience are organised with creative and design-oriented actors and organisations. The active community of creative people and designers is characterised by their high level of motivation and willingness to innovate. It is precisely this inspiring energy that helps Berlin become an international creative metropolis and a place for experimentation.

A large number of conferences, events and other activities help to network with one another and also offer good opportunities to make cross-industry contacts. These formats are used to find cooperation partners in order to implement solutions and develop products jointly, and to achieve the general exchange of ideas.

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