Berlin Laureate of the New European Bauhaus Prize

#Klasse Klima, a student-led seminar series and educational collective based at the Berlin University of the Arts, was today awarded the New European Bauhaus Rising Stars by the European Commission.

The Klima class receives the New European Bauhaus Rising Stars - Prize 2021 in the category "Interdisciplinary education models"!

The 20 winners in 10 categories were announced by the European Commission on 16.9.2021.

The Klima class is an open, autonomous and interdisciplinary group of students and teachers of the UdK Berlin. The aim is to politicise our university and its students, to translate the climate crisis into teaching and creative practice, and to bring the UdK Berlin as an institution to a public positioning and the reconstruction of its own metabolism.

The Climate class forms a transnational network with groups from other art academies, linking them through an innovative digital infrastructure and a fluid shared corpus of transformative knowledge and practices: a synergistic push for sustainable and inclusive change in aesthetic education in Europe and beyond!

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