[Translate to English:] © Unsplash | Austin Distel

[Translate to English:] © Unsplash | Austin Distel

Launch of the FinTech Talent campaign: Experts wanted!

Experts for FinTech companies from the capital region are proactively sought via a recruiting platform.

The FinTech Talent Campaign, funded by de:hub Berlin and Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, will start in November. Experts for the capital's FinTech companies will be proactively sought via a specially created platform. The website is promoted by social media campaigns and Google Ads to find perfect matches for FinTech companies.

The offer corresponds to the ever-growing number of FinTechs in Berlin. Start-ups in the capital region outpace Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt am Main combined.

35% of all German FinTechs are based in Berlin. With this campaign, we hope to support the FinTech scene in the capital region and attract young talent from all over the world to Berlin and Brandenburg.