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Volucap wins the Innovation Award Berlin Brandenburg 2020

The volumetric studio Volucap from the media city Babelsberg is one of six winners of this year's Innovation Award Berlin Brandenburg.

"In this exceptional year, the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award makes it clear how much we depend on courageous people who make not only an economic but also a social contribution to Berlin and Brandenburg. We can count on such innovators - and that is why they are rightly being honoured today."

Brandenburg's Minister of Economics Jörg Steinbach

These are the award winners 2020 at a glance

The developed volumetric studio manages to record real people and their movements in three dimensions and to create digital doubles. This technology replaces the very complex steps for creating three-dimensional digital people. This means that actors can be worked with directly as on a normal film set, without motion-capture suits. The volumetric videos of the characters look more realistic and the costs are lower.

ME Energy - Liquid Electricity
The company enables the profitable and widespread use of electric mobility. A new charging solution was developed for this purpose: The "Charging Node". This makes it possible to charge electricity for a range of 200 km in just ten minutes, independent of any existing infrastructure. High costs and limitations due to the electricity grid connection are eliminated and the operation and use of charging infrastructure becomes profitable for the first time. Behind this is the patented concept and a new technology. The electricity is generated on site in the charging station, CO2-neutral from liquid regenerative energy storage.

The Berlin-based company has developed a technology based on a chemical linker molecule for purifying peptides (short proteins). The process enables significantly higher reliability in drug research and can make personalised peptide medicine, for example to fight cancer, a reality. With solvent savings of more than 75 per cent, the process is ecologically and economically attractive.

Lana Labs
The team of international process and IT experts specialises in AI-supported analysis of business and production processes. Their goal: to make companies smarter, more efficient and faster through automated process analysis. This is achieved with the specially developed process mining software LANA, whose complex machine learning algorithm is unique on the market.

In order to generate sustainable renewable energy, the company developed the Lumenion storage system. It stores electricity as heat at 650°C. The stored thermal energy can then be used in a time-delayed and cost-effective manner as process heat for industry or as district heating.

Regional Hero GmbH (special prize)
The company emerged from the non-profit platform Helfen.Berlin, which sold vouchers for cafés, restaurants and small shops during the Corona Lockdown. In order to continue to strengthen the regionality, digitalisation and sustainability of small businesses in Berlin and Brandenburg, Regional Hero GmbH supports them with digital solutions and provides them with future-oriented advice.

About the Berlin-Brandenburg Innovation Award

The Innovation Award is closely linked to the Joint Innovation Strategy of the states of Berlin and Brandenburg innoBB 2025. Both states jointly offer the award.

The goal of the economic administrations: The award-winning innovations from the health industry, energy technology, ICT, media and creative industries, optics and photonics as well as transport, mobility and logistics clusters should exemplify the innovative capacity and economic strength of the capital region.

Insgesamt 221 Bewerbungen

Impressive inventions, sustainable solutions and support during the crisis: The innovators of 2020 have been chosen. Out of 221 applications for the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award, six teams stood out in particular. Thus, not only five prizes were awarded, but also a special prize for the first time.

Due to current regulations and hygiene measures, the award ceremony took place exclusively digitally. In order to give the award winners and all other interested parties the chance to exchange ideas, there is a digital marketplace.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

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