Glühbirne vor einer beschriebenen Tafel zum Thema Innovationsstrategie

Innovation strategy

innobb 2025: A new strategy for new times

With this innoBB 2025, the states of Berlin and Brandenburg are launching a new stage in their joint innovation policy. In 2011 we took an ambitious step: with innoBB we adopted the first cross-state innovation strategy"Excellence in Innovation" has since become the slogan for a dynamic capital region that jointly promotes and develops its innovation space across state borders.

The Joint Innovation Strategy is a success. The Berlin-Brandenburg capital region is an innovative location with numerous strong and dynamic companies, research beacons and scientific institutions of world renown. It has succeeded in further bundling and sharpening the region's strengths and in bringing the actors in the newly created clusters into even greater exchange.

innoBB 2025 builds on these results and goes further. Especially against the backdrop of digitalisation, we are facing new challenges that are shifting relevant topics and established regional power relations in the innovation landscape.

The capital region wants to further expand its excellence in this new environment, attract founders from all over the world, develop and test highly innovative sustainable products and services as solutions to societal challenges, and thus arouse enthusiasm for innovation among the population.

The new topics are developed in exchange with national and international experts as well as the actors of the clusters. The result is an innovation strategy that takes up both the new challenges and the EU goals for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

innoBB 2025 plus: Regional Innovation Strategy of the State of Brandenburg

Brandenburg has been focusing on research, development and innovation in its economic policy for many years. With its regional innovation strategy "innoBB 2025 plus", the state is, on the one hand, building on its proven innovation policy of recent years and, on the other hand, creating the framework to make Brandenburg's innovation system fit for the major structural economic challenges of the future.

In doing so, innoBB 2025 plus embraces the innovation potentials that arise from Brandenburg's special location. Brandenburg surrounds the federal capital Berlin. Both states take this spatial proximity of their innovation landscape into account by tapping synergy potentials on the basis of the Joint Innovation Strategy innoBB 2025, jointly occupying promising thematic fields and thus utilising the potentials that arise, for example, from the outstanding science and research landscape in both states.

In addition, both Brandenburg and Berlin have special industrial potential with great development opportunities, which are, however, more pronounced in Brandenburg. Tourism also differs significantly from the metropolitan area of Berlin. It is therefore crucial for Brandenburg that the economic potentials in the entire state and especially in the regional growth cores are targeted and included in cluster development and innovation activities.

In this respect, the state of Brandenburg is supplementing its joint innovation policy with Berlin by adding further clusters with strong growth potential for Brandenburg as well as a regional dimension. In Brandenburg, these are the food industry, metal, plastics and chemical clusters as well as the tourism cluster.

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Glühbirne vor einer beschriebenen Tafel zum Thema Innovationsstrategie
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