The cluster as a motor and work interface.

The ICT, media and creative industries cluster moves within the guidelines of the Berlin and Brandenburg innovation strategy 2025 and is part of the endeavour to strengthen our States. In this way Berlin works shoulder to shoulder with Brandenburg. The cluster includes over 50,000 companies from business and science and we span 12 industrial sectors from ICT, games, film, fashion and music to publishing houses and advertising agencies. A focus on technology and creativity are key features of our cluster and our States. Here the cluster works in a complementary manner and in close coordination with the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Enterprises and the Ministry for Economics, Labour and Energy of the State of Brandenburg. Last year alone, a total of 98 projects with a total volume of 68.9 million Euro, 42 of which were new projects, were initiated and carried out.

The core innovation fields in the cluster with significant growth potential are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Information security, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Extended Reality (XR) as well as Usability and Design

Ecosystems are built around technologies

In the course of our work to establish the technologies on the market, ecosystems are formed, from excellent research to SMEs, corporations to start-ups that work with this technology. The core strengths of the cluster team are also the structure and knowledge of the ecosystem that forms around a technology. It is important to promote, strengthen and expand this environment. Our team is strongly allied with networks that look after the ecosystem together with us. A community grows in a healthy ecosystem and attracts talent from all over the world to Berlin and Brandenburg.

We work with you

Our daily work has to do with a wide variety of people: With scientists who conduct cutting-edge research, founders who come to us with project ideas, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who use new technologies such as AI and blockchain and want to find out more, as well as companies and scientific institutions who want to find out more in order to apply for Federal and State funding.

Our team in the ICT, Media and Creative Industries cluster advises, networks and accompanies you in order to promote, strengthen and support your company.

Our partners

The ICT, Media and Creative Industries cluster relies on strong networks! Stakeholders from politics, science and business are important partners and accordingly closely linked to the cluster. This ensures close networking of the industry in Berlin-Brandenburg.

Amira Gutmann-Trieb Cluster manager T + 49 30 46302-130
Jan Marquardt Cluster manager T +49 331 73061-265