Glühbirne vor einer beschriebenen Tafel zum Thema Innovationsstrategie

10 Years of the Joint Innovation Strategy Berlin Brandenburg

Joint innovation strategy of the states of Berlin and Brandenburg: 10 years of successful cooperation across state borders

On 21 June 2011, the Berlin Senate and the Brandenburg state government passed a resolution on the same day to launch the "Joint Innovation Strategy of the States of Berlin and Brandenburg" (innoBB). The core of the strategy is to network the economic sectors that have the best growth prospects with the appropriate scientific competences. As a cross-state and cross-departmental strategy, innoBB still has a unique character in Germany, but also throughout Europe. It stands as an example of successful cooperation between business and science across national borders. On the occasion of the upcoming tenth anniversary of innoBB, the Länder took stock at a press conference today.

"On a European level, the innoBB is regarded as a showcase example of cooperation between two federal states - despite the differences between a metropolis and a Flächenland. We are proud of this. The strategy helps to bundle the competences of business and science in such a way that scientific findings can be applied in practice as quickly as possible. This results in innovative products and services, which in turn strengthen the competitiveness of our companies. Through the constructive cooperation of all stakeholders, innoBB has given wings to the culture of innovation in the capital region."

Jörg Steinbach, Minister for Economic Affairs, Labour and Energy of the State of Brandenburg

"Berlin and Brandenburg combined their strengths in 2011 with the innovation strategy - with visible success: the capital region has developed into an innovative location with numerous strong and dynamic companies. The clusters have recorded a disproportionate increase in employment over the last few years and are growth drivers in the metropolitan region. Our goal is clear: we will play a decisive role in shaping the energy and mobility turnaround, expand the pioneering role of the healthcare industry, strengthen the media and creative industries and advance the key technologies of ICT, optics and photonics."

Ramona Pop, Senator for Economic Affairs, Energy and Operations