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New study shows most important technology and AI locations

The capital region has become one of the most important locations for technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

The capital region has become one of the most important locations for technology and artificial intelligence (AI). This is shown by a current evaluation conducted by the professional network Linkedin together with the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Businesses as well as the economic development agencies from Berlin and Brandenburg, the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Technology Foundation Berlin.

The study looks at a total of 727,000 Linkedin members in the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region.

Just under 50 percent of the 727,000 LinkedIn members in the capital region have digital professional and application skills. Three per cent of these (approx. 8,000) are AI professionals, of whom even more than a third state that they were also trained in Berlin. However, there is an imbalance in the gender distribution. Women make up only 37 per cent of employees with digital skills. In the field of AI, it is even only 16 percent.

Tech talent in high demand
47 percent of all LinkedIn members in Berlin report some form of digital competence - the same number as in Munich. While Berlin leads in application skills with 42 per cent, Munich is one percentage point ahead of Berlin in the area of technical skills with 35 per cent. After Berlin and Munich, Hamburg (42 percent), Frankfurt (41 percent) and Stuttgart (39 percent) are the cities with the largest share of digitally trained professionals.

The demand for digital skills has increased by 20 per cent in Berlin since 2016. While in 2016, 52 percent of all members who changed jobs had digital skills, in 2018 it was already 62 percent. This is also because the fastest-growing employers (by number of employees) are from the tech sector. The top 5 are Zalando, N26, Wayfair, Auto1 and Delivery Hero. Software engineer is the most sought-after job title in Berlin.

Important AI training location
There are 45,000 AI professionals working in Germany, according to the LinkedIn evaluation. 18 per cent of them work in Berlin, only Munich employs more AI professionals with 19 per cent. Frankfurt follows behind with 10 per cent. The proportion in Berlin is also likely to improve in the future, because the second-largest sector in which AI professionals work is "education and research" with 20 per cent, behind "software and IT services" (50 per cent).

In addition, at 38 percent, more than a third of the AI specialists were also trained in Berlin. In addition to the universities, private institutes such as the Hasso Plattner Institute and the CODE University also provide the next generation of AI specialists in the capital region. The list also shows that AI no longer comes only from computer science or mathematics - the UdK is also on the list. The results also show that AI is an international field: 37 percent of Berlin's AI professionals earned their degrees abroad. The remaining 24 percent come from other German locations.

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