The cluster management sees itself as a platform for knowledge and technology transfer in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT) with customised formats. The aim is to offer our partners a head start in knowledge and expertise.

We provide information about current calls for funding - and competitions at regional, national and international level. This enables us to work closely with many project developers. For example, our application workshops are used to provide detailed information, to enable project ideas to be pitched and to bring partners from science and business together.



The cluster's key technology topics, such as Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, IoT, IT security, VR/AR and usability, are developing rapidly. The cluster management acts with foresight in order not only to keep an eye on technology development and progress, but also to work with the community and networks to support our partners in taking advantage of the technological edge.

The prerequisite for this is close cooperation with our scientific partners. Our team understands how important timing is to bring application-oriented research to commercial implementation. Strategic workshops enable us to show the technological edge and added value. We work with all target groups, from startups to SMEs to large companies, in order to involve them in this information transfer.



By means of our focus and innovation fields Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, IoT, IT security, VR/AR and usability, we work on the interfaces to the other clusters in Berlin and Brandenburg (for example the health industry, energy industry, transport, mobility and logistics, optics and photonics) and jointly open up new, sustainable fields of application for our companies.

Cross-cluster bar camps have established themselves over many years as a valuable exchange between actors from various industries. They form the ideal framework to establish a joint collaboration and introduce technological innovations in companies. We are convinced that cross-cluster initiatives have the potential to make processes more efficient, to reduce costs or to be able to approach customers in a more targeted manner. Innovations create new opportunities and new areas of work here.