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Seven-figure financing for Potsdam start-up CI HUB

High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), Brandenburg Kapital, R.O.I. and the Business Angel Club Berlin-Brandenburg Bet jointly invest in the marketing automation startup CI HUB. The Potsdam-based startup CI HUB participated in the MediaTech Hub Accelerator programme in 2019 and is currently one of five startups in the MediaTech Hub Lab.

The Potsdam startup CI HUB has received seven-figure funding from Brandenburg Kapital, High Tech Gründerfonds, Business-Angels Club Berlin-Brandenburg and the business angel R.O.I..

CI HUB has been supported by the founding team and the team Media, ICT team of the WFBB since its pre-founding and participated in the MediaTech Hub Accelerator programme in 2019. In doing so, they were supported very intensively and sustainably on the journey to this considerable funding. A very great success for the fruitful networking of all partners in Potsdam - be it ILB, Potsdam Transfer and all others involved.

The Potsdam-based start-up CI HUB has already convinced numerous partners and now also investors with its software platform. In the course of the first round of financing, the company secures the necessary funds to further implement its strategy.

"CI HUB is a platform that enables companies to automate their marketing materials in the future, saving them time and money. It does this by integrating directly with all major marketing and office applications, making it extremely easy, fast and cost-effective to use."

Andreas Michalski | Co-founder and CEO CI HUB

The development of the marketing software product CI HUB, which will also be based on AI elements in the future, is very complex and resource-intensive. A large part of the investment will therefore be put into further product development and the expansion of the team.

"We invested in CI HUB because the solution addresses a challenge that affects the entire market. Moreover, the team has exactly the experience to successfully develop CI HUB further and position it internationally."

Frank Reinecke | Investment Manager HTGF

Partnerschaften mit Dropbox, Adobe Stock und Gettyimages

In addition to the development of the software, customers are being supported and global partnerships are being established. With Dropbox, Adobe Stock and Gettyimages, well-known partners have already been acquired.


CI HUB is a software technology company based in Potsdam. Led by founders Andreas Michalski, Jörg Seidler and Jasper Ullrich, the team develops cloud-based MarTech software that enables high savings in marketing. Other partners include companies such as iStock, Bynder, Pixelboxx, Sitefusion, Picturepark and the PIM system myview.

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