MR4B | Viewed through the glasses

The future world of work is completely different when seen through smart data glasses.

With the future formula "Mixed Reality for Business", the MR4B network wants to advance the digital structural change of the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region and make it attractive.

Virtual communication and work spaces have proven themselves even more in the business world, especially in recent months, and have established themselves in the long term. Whether cloud-based tools for collaboration or regular exchange via video conferencing have become standard for teams.

E-learning platforms have become established in staff development and maintenance work is supported by digital assistance systems via video and audio transmission.

The next logical step is to add so-called mixed reality applications. In Mixed Reality, MR for short, the physical exists and interacts with the digital. Monitor-based end devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. or even data glasses expand and virtualise reality with 2D and 3D elements, often supplemented by tactile feedback.

The HTW and X-Visual Technologies want to advance the digital structural change and have initiated "Mixed Reality for Business - Mixed Reality Applications and Artificial Intelligence for SMEs in the Region of Berlin and Surrounding Areas", or MR4B for short.

The network, which currently consists of 35 technology and industrial companies as well as research and educational institutions, is described by the initiators as an "innovation ecosystem". The goal is to work together with various stakeholders to establish a centre of excellence for industrial and tangible MR applications and AI for the region of Berlin and its environs.

The BMBF also sees potential in this for a region where innovative software companies and IT start-ups are at home, but where the digital transformation of work processes in industrial companies is taking place only hesitantly.

With the WIR! alliance "Change through Innovation in the Region", the BMBF is funding the development of the concept for a competence region of Mixed Reality in Berlin-Brandenburg.

The ICT, Media and Creative Industries Cluster is a partner and was already involved during the initiation of the MR4B project.

"Mixed Reality applications can change our working world in the long term."

Jenny Orantek | X-Visual Technologies

Virtual & Augmented Reality