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For start-ups: discover the transformative potential of design in Vienna.

Discover Vienna: Design 2021

Between 24 September - 03 October 2021, Berlin Partner's startup team, together with the Vienna Business Agency, will host the "Discover Vienna: Design" week for startups in Vienna.

The analogue one-week programme is aimed at companies and startups from the fields of design, architecture and visual media that tap into the transformative potential of design, especially in the context of food, sustainable materials, sustainable consumption and the circular economy, and whose goal is to develop products/services that have a positive and sustainable added value for our society.  

10 selected founders will not only have the opportunity to gain insights into Vienna's creative industries, but also to immerse themselves in the Vienna Des https://www.viennadesignweek.at/ign Week - Austria's largest and most renowned design festival. Product, furniture, industrial, graphic and social design as well as architecture are represented at the Vienna Design Week in Vienna and run like a thread through the festival.  

In addition, the Vienna Business Agency will cover the following costs: 

- Accommodation (from 24 September to 3 October). 

- Admission to events organised by the Vienna Business Agency 

- Admission to relevant events within the framework of Vienna Design Week & Vienna Biennale for Change 

Click here for the registration form. 

The agenda can be found here.  


For questions please contact directly: anna.wiese@berlin-partner.de and jan.berewinkel@berlin-partner.de

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