IntellIoT OPEN CALL im Bereich IoT

We are looking for European Startups and SMEs building the Next Generation of IoT

IntellIoT’s mission is to enable the execution of semi-autonomous IoT applications for AI-enabled systems. With its partners in three main sectors – agriculture, healthcare, and manufacturing – IntellIoT is building an ecosystem united by a shared vision committed to privacy, security and trust, in which the intelligence of humans and devices can seamlessly intertwine. The consortium’s projects aim to overcome limitations of traditional cloud-centric IoT, such as unreliable connectivity, privacy concerns, or high round-trip times.

With the Open Call, IntellIoT invites SMEs and startups to join the consortium for pilots of 6 months to build applications, services and extensions on the project’s framework and the three use cases. New partners will receive up to 150,000 Euro to execute pilot projects alongside the 13 consortium partners to apply the IntellIoT technology, improve their products and services, and create new business.



Internationalisierung Förderung Internet der Dinge

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