Fashion Forward Network - Call for participation

Supporting Sustainable Business Partnerships in Fashion between Berlin and the USA

Fashion Forward Network (FFN) is a project that supports new business partnerships in fashion between Berlin and the US. It connects Berlin-based fashion brands, agencies and tech startups with innovators, institutions, experts and influencers in the US to foster not only growth, but also further developments in sustainability and digitalisation on both sides of the Atlantic.

The network offers access to resources tailored to the individual needs of companies: from entering the US market and legal advice to participating in leading trade fairs and making the right contacts. Through networking events, delegation trips, workshops and webinars, we aim to strengthen German-American business relations and drive prosperity, competitiveness and internationalisation in Berlin.

Sqetch and the Fashion Council Germany have joined forces to amplify the creative and innovative power of Berlin's most exceptional fashion and impact tech companies. This strategic partnership ignites the spark for new possibilities, fuels exponential growth, and reshapes the very fabric of the fashion industry. FFN is funded by a programme at the state level. It is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the State of Berlin.



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