Building bridges between Africa and Berlin music ecosystems

This year, we proudly hosted the Ambassador Program at the Africa Rising Music Conference (ARMC) in collaboration with the Berlin Music Commission and supported by Berlin Partner in South Africa. The event was a hub of networking and community building.

But that’s not all... We took it a step further! The inaugural Africa Rising Network Berlin event at Sage Club on November, 28th was a phenomenal success. It was an evening where the vibrant Afro-centric community in Berlin and Germany gathered to connect, workshop, and brainstorm.

Our focus? Tackling challenges and finding solutions in:
- Access to resources
- Funding opportunities
- Knowledge sharing
- Mobility for artists
- Strengthening community support

We dove deep into how we can be a united front in our shared goals and vision. We’re just getting started as we have more events on the horizon to continue amplifying African voices around the world!

Together let’s keep the momentum going! Building bridges, building community, building each other.

Want to be a part of it? Reach out to Sarah Jane Nicholson and Paradise Worldwide (Africa).

Watch the video recap on YouTube here: 


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