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Startup Strategies: Navigating Investors with Confidence

22 Apr 2024

Berlin Partner and Cluster ICT

22.04.2024 - 16:00
Berlin Partner; 3rd floor, room: Holzmarkt, Fasanenstr. 85, 10623 Berlin
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Are you looking for funding? And plan to reach out to pontential investors? This workshop aims to support early-stage founders across various tech sectors.

The workshop is part of series of funding workshops provided by Berlin Partner and the Cluster ICT.


April 22, 2024

4 pm

Welcoming & Networking

4:30 pm

Fundings programs overviews

Input by Mona Meier zu Kniendorf, Berlin Partner 

5 - 6:15 pm

Startup Strategies: Navigating Investors with Confidence

Workshop provided by Alexandra Dinh & Daan Zeeuwe

6:15 - 7 pm


7 pm

End of the program

Workshop description

This workshop helps founders understand how venture capital works. We'll delve into what investors seek in early-stage startups, explore their mindset, and provide tips for a killer startup pitch deck. Check out our agenda:

  • Investment Criteria Insights: Learn what investors care about and how to make your startup stand out.
  • Investor Mind Mapping: Understand the decision factors that grab investors' attention.
  • Startup Pitch Deck Structure: Discover the secrets to crafting a killer presentation for potential investors.
  • Pitch your startup in 1 minute: Introduce yourself and your startup for quick feedback.
  • MVP: Understanding how significant the decisions that are made in the MVP stage and how to experiment effectively without taking all the risk.
  • Low-code Product Development: Exploring low-code tools to create a pre-product that can be used to test your company's hypotheses.
  • Experimentation stories: How companies succeeded and failed by either taking their users' feedback seriously or by avoiding taking feedback altogether.  

The goal of the workshop is to create a supportive community for startup founders. Let's connect, share stories, and grow together. The startup journey is a rollercoaster, but together, we're making it smoother. Can't wait to see you there!


The workshop follows a flexible approach. You can fill in this google form to optionally provide details about your startup and any specific questions you have. So the workshop providers can prepare in advance.


About the speakers

Alexandra Dinh

With 14 years of sales experience, Alexandra began her entrepreneurial journey at age 8, helping her mother in their first fashion store in Vietnam. Her ability to understand customer needs and align product offerings with market demands was key to their success. Alexandra's journey took her from Vietnam to Germany, where she played a pivotal role in a leading angel syndicate turned VC fund. Her expertise in marketing and community building is evident in her efforts to cultivate a vibrant network of 30,000 European founders, investors, and tech enthusiasts through organizing over 60 events and spearheading the prestigious German Blockchain Awards for three consecutive years. These endeavors underscore her commitment to fostering connections and driving growth in the startup ecosystem.

Daan Zeeuwe

Daan's extensive experience as a serial entrepreneur encompasses a wide range of ventures, from robotics to artificial intelligence. Since 2021, he has been deeply involved in the German startup scene, collaborating with Entrepreneur First and TechStars to found and raise companies from scratch. Currently serving as a fractional CTO at various early-stage startups, Daan contributes his expertise to ideate product development and growth strategies, further enriching our team's capabilities. His readiness to share insights and lessons learned from founding multiple early-stage startups adds depth to our collective knowledge and strengthens our commitment to supporting founders on their entrepreneurial journey.

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