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Digital Dip XR: Using the metaverse momentum for XR

14 Mär 2023
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14.03.2023 - 17:00
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We are reviving the Digital Dip XR - a format for sharing experiences from the community for the community since 2020!

This Digital Dip is not about the metaverse though, but about the role that XR can play in the current forms of and futures of the metaverse.

The hype around "the metaverse" has been enormous with Meta’s rebranding in September 2021. In current discussions, however, the term metaverse is still frequently used as a synonym for XR technologies and applications. What the metaverse actually is, in our opinion is still speculative - currently it is still a vision with incredible potential. Especially economic potential, which must be given the necessary relevance.

There is largely consensus that XR will play a very relevant role as an enabler alongside blockchain. So let's make use of this momentum, the attention and the possibility to shape business fields and set an XR footprint.

We want to address the following questions, among others

How can XR create a sustainable and relevant value for the the user? 

How can a realistic expectation be built up that does not follow the previous VR hype?

For our Digital Dip XR we have invited

  • Sebastian Klöß, Head of Consumer Technology, AR / VR and the metaverse forum of Bitkom
  • Andrea Bravo, XR specialist (Ph.D. in Responsible Innovation from DTU Denmark) + Founder of 

to take a look at it and discuss with all of us, how we can approach the metaverse momentum.

Join us to see how we can use the metaverse momentum for XR!

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