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Digital Dip XR: 3D Spatial Audio for XR

07 Apr 2022
Event series

MusicTech Germany

07.04.2022 - 18:30
House of Music, Revaler Straße 99, 10245 Berlin
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We are happy to announce that we are back with the first in-person event in 2022. As part of the Digital Dip XR

VRBB, Music Tech Germany and Berlin Partner invite you to explore the intersection between music and XR at our “3D Spatial Audio for XR” event on April 7 at House of Music.

Emerging technologies such as VR/AR/XR will continue to rise and impact the way we interact and communicate with each other in the hybrid and digital world. Most of the focus in extended reality applications has been on creating visually immersive experiences. However, the visual aspect is only one component for creating real immersive experiences. Audio is just as important.

The concept of 3D spatial audio has been around for a long time and encompasses several different audio types. The goal of 3D spatial audio is to convincingly place sounds in a three dimensional space so that the user perceives the sounds as coming from real physical objects in their virtual experience. Unlike stereo audio, in spatial audio the sound is locked in space rather than to your head. This allows you to move around the virtual world and the sound will remain locked spatially to the surroundings. This opens up entirely new and exciting opportunities for artists to produce and perform music as well as for users to experience music.

We are going to shine some light on this topic from different perspectives. The presentations from experts who take different approaches into the 3D spatial audio space for XR will share their story and visions for the future. We will also hear some presentations that highlight in more general how XR and music can go together. After the presentations, there will be drinks and music to finally hang out again with each other in the real world and meet and mingle with everyone.

We will also set up the "Wall Of Opportunities". A huge piece of paper, pinned to a wall on which you can leave a note if you are looking for a project partner or if you would like to offer your skills to others. You will also be able to try out some AR & VR experiences to get some context to the presentations.

We aim to facilitate an event that is interesting to all of you. Those who may have only heard buzzwords about 3D Spatial audio as well as those who consider to actively engage with this format for sound and music.

We look forward to having you!

Notes about the partners

MusicTech Germany

MusicTech Germany is the Federal Association for Music-Technology in Germany. It represents the common interests of hardware and software developers, research institutions, and service providers in the field of music technology that pioneer innovation to meet the challenges of the music value chain in the digital age.

VRBB | Virtual Reality Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

VRBB is a publicly funded association dedicated to the advancement of virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies since 2016. Our members are high-tech companies, established media companies, research institutes and universities, start-ups, freelancers and VR enthusiasts.

Kreativwirtschaft Medien Virtual & Augmented Reality

Unsere Partner


In order to make this event as safe as possible we kindly ask you to wear a mask when being inside.





Words of Welcome (MusicTech Germany, VRBB, Berlin Partner)

19:15 | Presentations

Immersive acoustic worlds - from production to (room) installation / delivery.

• Nujin Kartal, Media Apes

Diverse immersive technologies offer undreamt-of possibilities and create completely new presentation options, potentials and experiences, as well as business models.

How do you use these technologies and which ones do you need at all for individual requirements/goals? In a diversely growing and creative market, a solid starting point is important and should be conceptually aligned


XR cannot be immersive without sound design

• Timo Bittner & Andrew Rahman, Spatial Media Lab

In many situations we see that XR is more focused on creating an immersive visual experience but often neglect, or forget entirely, the sound design. This lack of attention causes XR events to feel artificial, lifeless, or implausible.


Bring Opera to the streets - with the help of location based AR

• Anne-Sophie Panzer, Zaubar

The OpAR App enables passers-by to experience classical music and opera via their Smartphone or Tablet.


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