How to hire a trainee for your startup in Berlin?

Start Alliance HOWTOs Session #1 HR/ Talents
23 Feb 2022
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Start Alliance

23.02.2022 - 14:00
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The Start Alliance Network is back with a series of workshops providing participants with the strategy, tools, contacts and resources needed to establish business operations in the different ecosystems of the network. The workshops will cover topics related to, among others, public funding, financing, talents, marketing, PR & communication. In this framework, special attention will be paid to impact & diversity.

The registration for our very first session is now open! This one will be dedicated to hiring a trainee in Berlin, we will discuss the steps that the Berlin based startup MoBerries have successfully taken. Join us and get some insights!

Speakers: Rouven Sperling (Berlin Partner), Mo Moubarak (Head of Development at MoBerries)

Further info

The Start Alliance member are: New York City Economic Development Corporation, Vienna Business Agency, Tel Aviv Global, Techcode Germany, Invest Shanghai, Paris & Co, London & Partners, Dubai SME, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology.

This event will be taking place twice a month, digitally, held in English & free of charge. You only have to be registered.

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