Chapter Zero - The Tech Catalyst For Fashion And Circularity

On 19 May 2022, the YOONAVERSE Summit will launch the event series that will specifically bring together fashion companies and technological innovations for the first time in Germany. Global players will meet start-ups, accelerators and environmental organisations to jointly seek approaches for a more sustainable, circular and yet economical industry. And to find them.

At first glance, Berlin Partner, Telekom, H&M beyond, North Sails, One Ocean Foundation, SyncReality, Liberitutti, Temera, Plateau Candy, Open Innovation and yoona.ai don't have much in common: Berlin's economic development agency, telecommunications, a fashion company, an environmental protection organisation, an accelerator and start-ups - where might the overlap lie?

Anna Franziska Michel, CEO of yoona.ai and initiator of the first YOONAVERSE, which opens its doors in Berlin on 19 May 2022 at 1.30 p.m., has the explanation: "Future- and sustainability-oriented degrowth measures" in the fashion industry will only work through state-of-the-art technologies - and for that we need to put today and tomorrow at the same table. This is already our approach at yoona.ai today - and this is also the approach at our summit, which we have called "YOONAVERSE" because we want to show through the name, which is based on the Metaverse, that the possibilities are gigantic."

A "sneak preview" of the future will be offered, among other things, by the presentations of Kolja Pitz (Plateau Candy) on Web3 and by Cyril Tuschi (SyncReality), who will show the digital designs created by yoona.ai in cooperation with Gerry Weber in a virtual Metaverse fashion show - via VR glasses.

In short: In the "YOONAVERSE", fashion companies and tech start-ups will discover the future together - e.g. via AI and VR - work out goals in mutually inspiring workshops and talks and head for a joint implementation. Anna Franziska Michel: "From my experience, it is a cumbersome process to carry out change management in companies - but if we all get in the same boat, it can lead to real progress."

So for exactly this goal, startups, fashion companies, designers as well as tech specialists are invited to learn from each other on 19 May 2022.

The interest in YOONAVERSE is huge, as the list of already confirmed national and international industry leaders shows:

  • Antje Hundhausen (Vice President Brand Experience Telekom)
  • Stefano Galassi (Open Innovation Advisor)
  • Oliver Lange (Head of H&M beyond)
  • Marisa Selfa (CEO North Sails)
  • Cyril Tuschi (CEO SyncReality)
  • Astrid Daprà (Director Brand Development Liberitutti scs)
  • Guido Mengoni (CDO & Partner Temera)
  • Jan Hans Georg Pachner (Secretary General One Ocean Foundation)
  • Kolja Pitz (Founder Plateau Candy)
  • Daniel Haver (CEO & Founder, Native Instruments)
  • Elena Poughia (CEO & Founder Data Natives)and
  • Anna Franziska Michel (CEO yoona.ai)

YOONAVERSE is more than just a conference with lectures, workshops and an evening get-together. Future plans include a startup pitch competition, a design award and a podcast series with two guests each (tech and fashion). In addition, yoona.ai will present its unique, rare, but above all exclusive and authentic NFTs for fashion brands.

The YOONAVERSE event series will take place regularly during Berlin Fashion Week.


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